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It is so easy to borrow money right away nowadays. Don’t do anything other than enter a few details on your computer or mobile. You don’t have to look anyone in the eye or explain what you need the money for.

Easily, you have extra thousands of dollars in your account if food is not available by the end of the month or you just have to own the latest playstation game.

Unfortunately, many Danes end up in a debt spiral every year

Unfortunately, many Danes end up in a debt spiral every year


Which can be incredibly difficult to get out of. If you do not comply with the payment agreements, the loan will be credited with unreasonably high interest rates, and you will have to pay even more each month than originally. Some get so much disabled that they choose to take out new loans to pay off the repayments on the old ones. It is not only illegal, but also a really bad idea. Because if you continue like this for an extended period of time, getting out of it can be nearly impossible. We see this every week in the Luxury Trap.

All participants in the program have taken quick loans – and preferably several – to pay for their over-consumption. It covers clothing, bags, electronics, travel, cars, animals and much more. Once you have built up an over-consumption, it can be difficult to see how you can live for less, and then the mill starts.

Young people borrow most often

Young people borrow most often


Despite many warnings from both banks, advisers and consumer councils, the number of quick loans is increasing year on year. It is especially the young people who fall into this overuse. In the youth culture a tendency has been developed that one is unwilling to postpone one’s consumption.

It may have something to do with new things coming to the market constantly, so it may be difficult to keep track of if you need to save up first. It is supported by the fact that the most popular loans are the small quick loans of a few thousand kroner.

Real causes of quick loans



Of course, there may be real reasons for taking out quick loans. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been as popular as it is. Everyone can face an unforeseen expense that cannot be afforded. If the washing machine is off or the toilet needs to be fixed, it can be difficult to wait a few months until you have saved up.

Although it is easy and quick to take out a quick loan, it is very much a matter of considering your long-term loan. What does it mean to you if you receive an extra fixed expense of USD 600 a month for the next two years? Can you afford it? Otherwise, it may not be the solution.

It is also important to compare the different providers to see where you pay the least for the loan. Fortunately, there is good help to get to it both here on the site and on the trust pilot. It is a good idea to take a look at the different loans’ OPs to compare what you are actually paying in fees and interest on the loan. Having a loan can quickly cost a lot of money each year – money for which you get nothing.

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