Willing to play Clash Royale game then you need to know more about it

In the past three years the popularity of a Clash Royale game is increased from a day by day comparing to the another games. In both games the player can clan with their friends but in this Clash Royale game the player can help their friends by donating a troops, cards in faster manner and the additional feature of the game is it allows the players to how many members are in the clay.

clash royale tricks

Game background

In this Game players are appreciated by their levels and trophies, maximum level of this game is 13.There are 10 arenas rather than training camp in this  game. Arena means unique battleground that are unlocked when they increase their trophies count. In this game main concept is a player need to destroy more tower than opponent. Otherwise player destroys the opponents king’s Tower and it will automatically provide three crown victory to the player.

Beginners Tips

At the Beginning of the game both the players have a hand of four cards that was selected by the players. These cards are used for attacking and defending of opponents and this game provides offer to the players to purchase gems in the card shop using their real world money. Gems can be used to speed up the game and to purchase the other resources. Free chests are given to the player at every 4 hours and only two of this can be stored. For every 24 hours players has a chance to win the crown chest by claiming 10 crowns from battle victory.

clash royale defence

Battle with your friends

The friendly battle allows live spectating from other clan mates and the members of the clan will exchange their cards from one another. Recently supercell introduces a new feature called tournament and this feature is unlocked at level 8. Based on tournament performance the players will be rewarded with tournament chest and the victory challenges are divided into 2 types in which the goal is to win 12 times as there is no more loss rather than 2 times. A grand challenge cost 100gems to enter and a classic challenge cost is 10, completing the classic challenge will provide 2000 gold and grand challenge will provide 22,000 gold to the players.

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Levels need to reach

There are many different levels or types of trophies are played in the clash royale game. That the trophies are named, swarm, ranged, fling/air, tank, splash damagers, building aggressive, etc. Also the spells are one of the best trophies of this game. It is used to having and consists of good decks and the spells usages are arrow, fireball, zap, freeze, poison etc, it has more card request to play and win the game. It has also new legendary cards and it will create more interest and enjoyment while playing.…